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Serving the Greater Los Angeles Area


Serving the Greater Los Angeles Area


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Air Purifier FAQ: Everything You Need to Know


With the spread of a global pandemic, indoor air quality has been on the mind of every homeowner we talk to. That’s not by accident, some indoor air quality solutions, like air purifiers, are known to help in the fight against contaminants. We’d like to help you and any other homeowner by shedding light on the misinformation that might confuse you, while helping expand your knowledge on the impact an air purifier might have on your home.

Air purifiers in Calabasas, CA have a unique job in keeping our homes safe from microorganisms that wish to harm us. From bacteria, to viruses, to mold spores, an air purifier can make all the difference when trying to stay safe and secure.

So, let’s talk about what air purifiers do, how they work, and look to answer any other questions you might have about these handy systems.

How Does an Air Purifier Work?

There are two main types of air purifiers that are widely used. These are electronic air purifiers and ultraviolet light purifiers. Each of these excels at different tasks when used to scrub your air, so it’s going to be important to mention how they work and the differences between them.

  • Electronic air purifier. These systems electronically charge the contaminants in your home so that they can be drawn in and captured on a metal disc. This disc can then be cleaned regularly. While these systems are effective at cleaning your air, they might not get to the heart of some of the more harmful particles we deal with on a daily basis.
  • UV air purifier. These air purifiers are sleek and powerful. They utilize ultraviolet light, also known in the industry as a germicidal light that eliminates harmful microorganisms and halts their ability to reproduce. This essentially causes them to become harmless and allows your air to be cleaned of viruses, bacteria, and mold spores.

Won’t a UV Light Air Purifier Hurt Me?

Absolutely not! While ultraviolet radiation is harmful to human beings in large doses, these air purifiers are mounted in air ducts so they’re far away and out of sight. You’ll never be in contact with the light and all of your indoor air will be put through your ducts to be purified.

What Are The Benefits?

Air purifiers have loads of benefits that often go unnoticed by homeowners who are looking to invest in one. Sure, it’s obvious that they purify your air, but what exactly does that entail? Let’s take a look:

  • Eliminates harmful particles. Air purifiers make your air safer by eliminating harmful microorganisms and particles that contribute to making us sick.
  • Gets rid of odors. Did you know that most unpleasant odors are caused by particles that actually exist in the air? An air purifier can remove or eliminate those particles, making your air smell fresher.
  • Removes allergens. Allergens can make your indoor air feel uncomfortable. By purifying your air, you can make sure it’s a safe environment for people with allergies and sensitive respiratory systems.

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