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Serving the Greater Los Angeles Area


Serving the Greater Los Angeles Area


Commercial Air Conditioning in Los Angeles, CA

Let’s face it, if your business or building was planning on surviving through a Los Angeles summer without air conditioning—you’d better be ready for disappointment. Temperatures get unbearably hot during spring, summer, and fall, and you’d better make sure your business is ready to keep things comfortable.

That’s why JMS Air Conditioning and Heating is on a mission to keep every building in the area cool and comfortable when the heat arrives. We’ve been consistently exceeding expectations since 1993 and our technicians are well-trained, well-equipped, and masters at the art of comfort technology. Seriously, doesn’t such an important aspect of your commercial enterprise go neglected. Call us today!

Call our team today. Exceeding expectations since 1993.

Commercial Air Conditioner Installation

Do you need professional commercial air conditioner installation? Well, let’s see. If you’ve been struggling for years without an air conditioner for your building, then you absolutely qualify for our help. We can help you choose the right piece of technology for the job. Whether you need a rooftop air conditioner, or a commercial air conditioning system that’s a little less conventional—we’ve got you covered.

Here at JMS Air Conditioning and Heating, we’re obsessed with getting the people of Los Angeles, CA affordable cooling solutions that keep operating costs low. There’s absolutely no reason to sacrifice comfort and cooling for a lower price. We can help keep your utility bills low, repair needs few and far between, and set you up with a commercial air conditioner installation that is built to last. Call us today.

Commercial Air Conditioner Replacement

Commercial air conditioners don’t last forever. In fact, with the amount of heat we deal with in Los Angeles, CA, we’re lucky if they last a little over a decade. Is your building’s AC system struggling in the following ways? Then you might need professional commercial air conditioner replacement services.

  • Low cooling output.

  • Frequent repairs.

  • Skyrocketing energy bills.

  • 10-15 years of age.

If your air conditioner is dealing with any of the above issues, then give us a call immediately. Commercial air conditioners don’t have to struggle, and when they do, they can cost more money than they’re worth. Our team specializes in removing old and outdated commercial AC systems and replacing them with technology that works as promised. Give you and your business a fresh start by calling us today.

Commercial Air Conditioning Repair

Is your commercial air conditioner struggling to make it through each year in Los Angeles, CA? If it’s not too old and it has the potential to work well, we can perform targeted repairs to make things right. Sometimes an air conditioner has one or two components that really struggle under the heat of our climate. Our repairs, whether they’re tightening loose screws, fixing a blower motor, or replacing a whole compressor, get the job done.

Sign up for our commercial air conditioning repair services or our commercial air conditioning maintenance plan. Maintenance is a great way of mitigating repair needs by having your system assessed and inspected every year. Our specialists can then tell you when any upcoming repair needs are necessary so you can plan accordingly. Stay vigilant and comfortable with our team!