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Serving the Greater Los Angeles Area


Serving the Greater Los Angeles Area


Commercial Indoor Air Quality Services in Los Angeles, CA

Commercial Indoor Air Quality Services in Los Angeles, CA

Commercial indoor air quality solutions are not an easy topic to talk about these days. With so much information going around about contaminants in our air, it is becoming clear that we need protective solutions—but what should they be? Our pros deal with advanced technology that purify, filter, and dehumidify the air we breathe to keep you comfortable and healthy. It’s as simple as that!

You won’t get the type of service we’re talking about unless you call a professional team like the one at JMS Air Conditioning and Heating in Los Angeles, CA. We’ve got a 100% satisfaction guarantee for all the work we perform, as well as several environmentally friendly solutions that we urge our customers to take advantage of. Whether you need an industrial air purifier or a commercial air filtration system, we’ve got your back.

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Commercial Indoor Air Quality Installation

The first step towards better indoor air quality in your Los Angeles, CA establishment is investing in proper commercial indoor air quality installation. Whether you need a brand new iWave R, a commercial air scrubber, or a commercial humidifier, we can get you set up with a system that works for years to come. A botched installation can not only render them ineffective at improving your indoor air quality, but also be a waste of money as they frequently require repairs.

By calling our professional team, you’re agreeing that you want to check off all the boxes in your system installation. Our team will properly set up your indoor air quality system so that it works accurately, keeps your air comfortable and healthy, and lasts as long as we say it will. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee will keep you feeling good while we get to work!

Commercial Indoor Air Quality Replacement

Unfortunately, commercial dehumidifiers, air scrubbers, and other types of indoor air quality systems don’t last forever. In fact, you could be feeling the symptoms of a failing indoor air quality system right now. The need for commercial indoor air quality replacement can be an important thing to notice, especially if you’ve had your system for over 10 years. Eventually, you’ll want to upgrade to a newer air purification system that has what it takes to keep your home clean.

Having an ancient indoor air quality system isn’t just bad for your health and the health of your customers, it can also be against the law. Here in Los Angeles, CA, there are strict municipal guidelines as to how contaminated your business’s air can be. If you’re looking to follow the law and get things up to code, make sure you call us today.

Commercial Indoor Air Quality Repair

If your commercial air purifier, commercial humidifier, or commercial dehumidifier is malfunctioning but isn’t anywhere near replacement age—then call us. We can provide affordable and effective commercial indoor air quality repairs that get your building up to snuff. We even have access to media filters and other components that we can easily replace to make things easier for you and your business in Los Angeles, CA. Don’t leave anything up to an amateur or yourself, work with the pros today.

We also provide commercial indoor air quality maintenance for business owners that want annual help ensuring their air is clean. In this day and age, it’s vital that your building’s air remain clean in every season. Let us help you ensure that your establishment is clean, healthy,