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Serving the Greater Los Angeles Area


Serving the Greater Los Angeles Area


Air Conditioning Installation and Replacement near Los Angeles, CA

Everyone loves California for its moderate weather, but those who live here know just how hot it can get in the summer—especially in Los Angeles. With our summer heat setting in, air conditioning begins to feel much more like a necessity and less like a luxury. In this kind of environment, our comfort depends on the skilled service of an air conditioning installation and repair expert.

No matter what your air conditioning needs are, JMS Air Conditioning and Heating is the team for the job. We can service any make or model of air conditioner—no matter how old or how big. We’ve been operating since 1993, so we know exactly what homeowners in Los Angeles are looking for when they need air conditioning. All of our work is backed up by a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you have nothing to lose.

Contact us today to schedule an estimate for AC services in Los Angeles. Exceeding Expectations Since 1993.

AC Installation in Los Angeles, CA

Purchasing an air conditioner—whether it’s brand new or if it’s to replace your current system—should never be a last-minute decision. Yet, the truth is, most homeowners are forced to rush into making a purchase just to get out of the heat. Make sure to contact JMS Air Conditioning and Heating in advance so that we can help walk you through the entire air conditioning replacement or installation process. We can help you with the installation of:

  • Central air conditioners: The standard air conditioners that have satisfied homeowners for decades. These are your least expensive option, but they’re still effective cooling systems.
  • Heat pumps: Looking to consolidate your heating and cooling into one unit? Heat pumps operate just like a central AC, but with the added ability to reverse the flow of refrigerant.
  • Ductless air conditioning systems: Standard air conditioners use duct systems to transport air, but you can receive a host of efficiency and performance benefits when opting for a system without ducts.
  • Inverter systems: If you’re looking for a significant boost in your air conditioner’s efficiency, it might be worth investing in an inverter AC.

Is It Time for an AC Replacement?

Likewise, we can also help you when it’s time for an air conditioner replacement. While many HVAC contractors might simply replace your entire system—leaving you to foot the bill for the extra labor—we’ll do our best to improve upon your current air conditioning system. Even if it requires a little extra work on our part, we don’t mind doing it for free if it means getting the most out of your system.

Air conditioners will typically last between 10 and 15 years, sometimes even longer when the system is well taken care of. Once your AC is over 10 years old, you’ll want to watch to see if it’s showing the following symptoms:

  • The air conditioner cannot cool all of the rooms of the home evenly.
  • It’s taking longer for the home to get cool.
  • The monthly cooling bill is gradually increasing.

If so, contact one of our service professionals. We’ll be able to inspect your AC and determine if it needs replacement. Call today to request an estimate on air conditioning installation or maintenance services in Los Angeles and the surrounding area. Contact our team today to request an estimate on air conditioning installation or replacement services in the Los Angeles area.