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Serving the Greater Los Angeles Area


Serving the Greater Los Angeles Area


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5 Important Facts About Mold

Mold is one of those insidious problems that’s known for being hard to get rid of. It’s like a monster from an 80s horror movie that just won’t go away, and it always tends to come back for the many sequels that are planned. While you might extensively go through your home to clean mold, you might not be cleaning the source of it. And, even if you do target the source, it still could be propagated through the air of your home.

If this sounds discouraging then we completely understand. But we’ve got a pretty positive perspective on mold that should help. The good news is that there are solutions that can help target mold and alleviate it, like a UV air purifier in Beverly Hills, CA.

Knowledge is power. And today, we know more about mold than we ever have before. So let’s dive into some ways to fight against it.

1. Mold Reproduces Through Spores

One interesting fact about mold is that it reproduces through spores. Spores, just like pollen, can float through the air until they meet an area that has the right environmental factors to allow it to grow. Think about it, a mold spore will drift through the air so that it finds a new dark and damp place where it can start a new mold colony.

While mold can still reproduce and extend from one colony, it can also start new colonies and spread throughout your house. This is why targeting mold at its source and keeping things relatively clean is so important!

2. Mold Requires Darkness to Thrive

Have you ever seen mold grow in direct sunlight? Neither have we. Mold can’t survive in light because the radiation that comes from the sun’s rays is too powerful for a single-celled organism to survive.

UV air purifiers function in the same way when they eliminate mold spores that float through the air. While UV rays are harmless to human beings and other multi-cellular organisms, they’re devastating to mold because they inhibit the mold’s ability to grow and reproduce.

3. Mold Also Requires Moisture to Live

Tempering your home’s humidity can be another way to fight against mold. Mold is especially bad during the spring, summer, and fall months because of how humid it can get. With excess moisture in the atmosphere, mold will grow at an increased pace.

4. It Can Grow in Hard to Reach Places

Face it, you’re not going to be able to clean all of the mold infestations in your home with just disinfectant and a towel. Mold can grow in extremely hard-to-reach places, from crawlspaces to cracks in your cupboard. As long as the air is being cleaned and your home is relatively dry, those mold infestations should slowly be eliminated.

5. Our Noses Can Get Used to the Smell of It

Are you unsure of a mold infestation in your home? That’s not farfetched. Our noses can get used to mold infestations after a certain period of time, so it’s always helpful to contact a professional who can test the quality of your indoor air. This will give you an objective starting point to start cleaning your home’s air.

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