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Serving the Greater Los Angeles Area


Serving the Greater Los Angeles Area


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Your Heat Pump Needs More Maintenance

We’re not telling you to call us a second time for maintenance this season. If you’ve already invested in wintertime heat pump maintenance then you’re in good shape! What we’re talking about is the fact that your heat pumps require more maintenance than other HVAC systems.

Air conditioners and other heating systems only need maintenance once a year since they only work to provide heating or cooling. With a heat pump, this system provides your home with both heating and cooling, which means it needs twice as much maintenance as a normal HVAC system.

In this blog post, we’re going to talk about what can happen if you decide to only maintain your heat pump half as much as it should be maintained. Let this be a PSA to get your heat pump maintained twice a year. Without enough maintenance, you might end up calling us for heating repair in Beverly Hills, CA.

Why Heat Pumps Require Twice As Much Maintenance

As we mentioned earlier, heat pumps perform the same job as two different HVAC systems. One system is a heater that provides heat to your home during the winter, the other is an air conditioner that provides your home with cooling during the spring and summer. If one system can do both of these jobs, then it’s going to require the services that both systems need.

Heat pumps work longer and provide more temperature control than any other system on the market. That’s why they need twice as much maintenance so that they can continue to provide that level of quality comfort for their entire lifespan. Otherwise, it might not be much of a shock if your heat pump lasts half as long as it’s supposed to.

Time, Energy, and Effectiveness

There are three things you need to think of when you invest in heat pump maintenance or repairs.

The first is time, because when you invest in bi-annual maintenance and timely repairs, your heat pump will last for a longer amount of time than it would otherwise.

The second is energy, since a well-maintained and fully-functioning heat pump will consume less energy than one without professional attention.

The third is effectiveness. Simply put, your heat pump will more effectively keep your home comfortable when it’s maintained and repaired accordingly.

Skipping Maintenance Is a Bad Idea

Here are just a few things to be wary of when you only get your heat pump maintained once a year, or if you skip out on repairs.

  • You’ll feel worse. A functioning heat pump depends on professional maintenance twice a year and repairs when something is wrong. Otherwise, it won’t be able to keep you as comfortable as it should!
  • You’ll pay more. Your utility bills will slowly rise if your heat pump isn’t maintained, adjusted, and fixed twice a year.
  • You might suffer more repair needs. A heat pump that goes without maintenance is more likely to suffer frequent problems than a unit that receives adequate professional care.

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