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Serving the Greater Los Angeles Area


Serving the Greater Los Angeles Area


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Your Compressor: The Key to Cooling

What, is a compressor? No, we’re asking you! Sure, a compressor by its name would be something that pressurizes something else through compression, but what the heck does that have to do with air conditioning?

Don’t worry, we do know the answer to that question. If you keep reading, we’re going to go into detail about what the compressor does and why it’s so important to the cooling process. Often times when an HVAC technician tells you there’s a serious problem with your air conditioner’s compressor, that can usually mean either an expensive repair is afoot or the need for an entire system replacement.

If you know more about the cooling process and what your compressor does, then it might be easier when those hard decisions are prompted. You can trust us, we’re the experts of air conditioning repair in Pasadena, CA. So, let’s get to it!

What Does It Do?

Your compressor is in charge of pressurizing the refrigerant in your air conditioner. Without this core aspect of the cooling process, your air conditioner would just be one big fan!

Refrigerant evaporates and condenses at different pressures. This means when the compressor pressurizes refrigerant from a liquid into a gas through evaporation, it pulls in all the heat around it. This is how heat is drawn out of your home.

Likewise, when refrigerant condenses, it releases the heat that it drew from inside your house. That’s why the condenser coil is located in the outdoor cabinet of your system since the heat it absorbed is always deposited outdoors. And voila! That’s how the air conditioning process happens in a nutshell. The refrigerant is cycled through evaporation and condensation, over and over until temperatures are cooled thoroughly throughout your home.

Why Is the Compressor So Important?

This is probably the integral question you came here to ask. Why is it such bad news when you find out your compressor is bad and needs to be replaced? Well, think of it this way:

Your compressor is the heart of your air conditioner, in the same way that the refrigerant lines are the blood. The compressor is responsible for pumping the refrigerant through the system, keeping your air conditioner running smoothly. When the heart of the system breaks, it’s like being told you need heart surgery. The replacement of the compressor can be complicated, time-consuming, and the compressor is the most expensive part of the system. Sometimes, you’re just better off replacing the whole air conditioner for better results down the line.

To Repair or Replace

That is the question! Talk with your local HVAC professional about whether its time to replace your system entirely or a targeted compressor replacement is worth it. This is usually heavily dependant on a number of factors, like the age of the system or the frequency of repairs. If your air conditioner constantly needs help to the point of calling us multiple times a year, then you’re always going to be better off replacing the entire unit. However, if your system is only a couple years old and everything else is in working order except for the compressor, then just a compressor replacement might be more cost-effective in the long run!

Call JMS Air Conditioning and Heating. We’re the compressor experts!

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