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Serving the Greater Los Angeles Area


Serving the Greater Los Angeles Area


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Make Sure Your AC Is Installed Correctly

Air conditioning repair in Calabasas, CA can quickly follow from an amateur installation, and not many homeowners know about this. That’s because air conditioning installation takes a huge amount of technical expertise, as well as precise measurements that require the use of additional equipment. A faulty installation can end up costing you an absurd amount of money in AC repairs and even end up costing you the entire unit itself as you might need a replacement to work effectively. Don’t settle for the expensive costs for

Basically, setting up your air conditioner is not like building furniture you’ve ordered on the web. This is machinery that needs to be expertly installed, and we’re going to go through the various reasons why.

The Importance of Professional Air Conditioning Installation

We get it—homeowners don’t really know what goes into an air conditioner’s installation, so how could it be so important to the lifespan of your system? Well, by listing a few disastrous problems that could come with faulty installation, hopefully, we can give you a bit of insight into just how important professional AC installation is!

Incorrectly Sized AC

We often hear the term “bigger is better” when it comes to equipment for your home, but this is absolutely not true when applied to air conditioners. Homeowners often mistakenly believe that a larger air conditioner will cool their home down faster or more effectively, and while that might technically be true, it will actually lead to the breakdown of your system and extreme dehumidification of your home.

Air conditioners need to be sized according to the correct volume of air that’s going to be treated. This requires special professional equipment to measure the amount of volume in your home and the rooms that need to be cooled. Mix this information with the number of leaks your home suffers from, and you’ve got a serious load calculation on your hands! Let a professional take care of this and drastically reduce your chances of having a problematic installation.

Refrigerant Piping

Refrigerant is required for the cooling process to take place in your home. However, without the utilization of professional measurements and equipment, you risk having your refrigerant pipes be too long or short, which can be devastating to the cycling of your air conditioner.

When refrigerant has to travel a longer or shorter distance, it creates an uneven cooling cycle where your air conditioner has to work harder to cool the same amount of space that a professionally installed system would. This means more stress on certain components of the system and expensive repairs in your future.

Insulation Issues

When professionals set up your air conditioner, they make sure that the air isn’t just going to escape from your unsealed windows, attic, or other areas that leaks could be an issue. Air ducts, for instance, can leak up to 30% of treated air when they’re neglected and an amateur isn’t necessarily going to notice the status of your ducts.

Our professionals can make sure you’ve got cool air actually entering your home and not escaping through leaks. We can test how much insulation is needed or how successfully your home keeps the air within it.

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