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Serving the Greater Los Angeles Area


Serving the Greater Los Angeles Area


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Do You Need AC Repair?

It’s a simple question really. We’re not like those other, chilly areas in the rest of the country. Here in LA, you’re going to get way more use out of your air conditioner than the majority of the United States. That’s the reason we keep asking homeowners to be vigilant about their air conditioners. One little problem could mean a disastrous few days of heat without any respite!

Though, we get it. Not everyone has a background in HVAC as we do. AC repair in Los Angeles, CA can be expensive and hard to schedule when life gets busy. You might not be home for half of the time that your AC is malfunctioning, so it could be twice as hard for you to figure out there’s even a problem.

That’s why we’ve provided a few tips to help keep your AC in good condition and to assist in narrowing down when your system is on the fritz.

Tricks of the Trade

These few things we’ve listed might seem like no brainers, but we assure you they will make a massive difference. The more attention you pay to things like your air filter and the space around your AC, the more likely you are to find a problem with the way it’s working.

Clean or Replace the Filter

Air conditioners depend on clean air filters to maximize their efficiency. These sheets block dust and debris from entering the AC, protecting it from these harmful particles while keeping air flowing at a constant rate. As the filter clogs up, airflow gets restricted and the system will have to work much harder to cool your home down.

Check to see if your air filter needs a brand new replacement, or if it can be cleaned through simple means. If you’re noticing that your air filter is caked with dust and debris, you’ll be happy to know that you just increased the efficiency of your system by a huge margin. Make sure to do this every 1-3 months for maximum, continued efficiency.

Clean Around the Outdoor Cabinet

Are we just asking you to keep your lawn tidy? No, of course not! Your system’s outdoor condenser coil can become dirty if the area around your AC cabinet is covered in dust, debris, or foliage. This will limit airflow and lead to several problems.

It’s generally a good idea to keep at least 2 feet of cleared space around your outdoor coil. This will keep adequate airflow from your AC and allow it to run as effectively and efficiently as possible.

It’s Not Working!

So, why are we telling you all this information and what does it have to do with AC repair? Well, if you’ve replaced the air filter and cleaned around the outdoor coil, yet you still aren’t getting the best performance from your air conditioner—you’re better off calling a professional. While some things can be fixed and attended to by someone without training, eventually your AC is going to have a problem that you can’t fix. At this point, we’d be happy to do the job for you.

Call JMS Air Conditioning and Heating today. We’ve been here since 1993 and we aren’t going anywhere!

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