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Serving the Greater Los Angeles Area


Serving the Greater Los Angeles Area


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Negative Noises: Sounds Your AC Should Not Be Making

We get these kinds of questions all the time. From grinding, to hissing, to rattling, air conditioners can make all sorts of noises when you’re sharp enough to notice them. So firstly, we’d like to tell you that you’re not crazy and that those noises really are coming from your AC. Secondly, we’d like to tell you that the best solution to all problems that could be causing those noises would be to contact a professional for AC repair in Los Angeles, CA.

Though, curiosity can still take the better of us. So, you’re probably still wondering what these noises mean exactly, and what could be causing them? There’s nothing wrong with diving into a little research to have some ideas as to what could be causing these noises.

Keep reading if you’re interested in the noises your AC is making!

The Many Noises of an AC

You might be surprised by how many different types of noises your air conditioner could make.

Hissing and Bubbling

A hissing or bubbling noise coming from your air conditioner could be a signal that your AC is suffering from a refrigerant leak. Refrigerant is kept as a highly pressurized gas within the refrigerant lines of your AC system. So, refrigerant leaks can mean that your AC is running low on refrigerant while performing ineffectively, as well as that you’ll need to spend money on a pretty expensive repair soon.


A rattling noise signals that something has fallen loose in your air conditioner. Air conditioners have many screws and ball bearings within them that could have fallen loose over the conventional wear and tear that your AC goes through.


It’s normal for your AC to click when it turns on and off. However, if you’re noticing many clicks over the course of a cooling cycle, that could mean it’s hard starting repetitively because of an electrical problem or circuit issue.


Buzzing noises are usually a clue that there’s an electrical issue occurring, but it could be worse than that. Sometimes buzzes are accompanied by a spark or a burning smell, which can indicate an overheating fan or an electrical problem that is dangerous. Contact a technician as soon as possible if you’re noticing this symptom.


Metal on metal contact can give off a familiar and disconcerting grinding noise. If your air conditioner is giving off a grinding noise, either soft or loud, this could be an indication of a compressor problem or damaged belt that’s inhibiting the effectiveness of your system. The compressor is the heart of your cooling unit, so any problem that has to do with your compressor is worth calling a professional over.

So, the moral of the story is that none of these noises are good and none of them are simple to fix. The simplest and most effective solution to an abnormal air conditioner noise is to call a service professional to take care of your AC problems.

You’ve got noises, we’ve got answers. Call JMS Air Conditioning and Heating today!

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