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Serving the Greater Los Angeles Area


Serving the Greater Los Angeles Area


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Your Personal Indoor Air Quality FAQ


How is your home’s indoor air quality? Good? Bad? Are you unsure? That’s not really a problem, it can be difficult for homeowners to really understand their indoor air quality until someone fills them in on the details. There are a lot of aspects of indoor air quality to consider, from humidity levels to dust and debris, and even viruses or bacteria that get cycled through our HVAC systems. It’s a lot to wrap your head around.

Luckily, we’ve got the expertise to fill you in on what improvements you might need to feel safe, secure, and comfortable in your home. We supply air purifiers in Westlake Village, CA so homeowners can breathe easier, remove odors, and reduce the amount of illness-causing contaminants in the air.

Are you ready for an air purifier? Look at our checklist below to see if it’s time for an upgrade.

Questions to Consider

Honestly, when you look at your home’s indoor air, it can be overwhelming. What should you focus on first? Is it more important to think about an air purifier than an air filtration system? Well, not necessarily. These questions are tough, but they’re going to depend on your home and health. If you need more protection against dust and pet dander, then an air filter might be a more important priority than an air purifier. Take a look at these questions below to get to the bottom of what you need.

Am I at Risk?

Let’s start here. Technically, everyone is at risk for something. For instance, we’ve all been kept indoors for the past few months because there is a risk of contracting Coronavirus. Don’t just take that one risk, though, because things like the common cold, the flu, bacteria, mold spores, and other organisms can create huge health concerns if they’re not treated.

We’re not saying this to scare you. Obviously, some homes will feel cleaner than others, and some homeowners are more susceptible to contaminants than others. This is going to depend on who needs the most help from what contaminants, but the bottom line is that an air purifier can help drastically reduce your chance of falling ill and eliminate these harmful particles.

Where Are Contaminants Coming From?

This is a complicated question. Contaminants are more common in homes these days because they’re so tightly sealed to keep in conditioned or heated air. Older, draftier houses might make you feel chilly and uncomfortable, but they had much fresher, cleaner air that came from the outdoors.

Not only that, but due to ductwork and the recyclability of our indoor air these days, contaminants can often get stuck cycling through our HVAC systems day after day.

What Does Humidity Have to Do With My Indoor Air Quality?

A home that’s too dry will make it harder for you to fight off illnesses and contaminants since your mucus membranes will dry up. Likewise, a home that’s too humid will be uncomfortable and cause all sorts of mold problems. This is an important indoor air quality measurement to think about.

What Now?

Call us! We’re uniquely experienced with many different types of indoor air quality machines. We can help customize a solution for your home and get you on track to having healthier, safer, and more comfortable air.

JMS Air Conditioning and Heating has your back. Call us today!

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