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Serving the Greater Los Angeles Area


Serving the Greater Los Angeles Area


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The Cost of Not Getting an Air Purifier

We talk a lot about the cost of HVAC equipment in this blog. A heating or cooling system is one of the largest investments you might make in your life, aside from a car or a home. That’s why we think it’s helpful to homeowners when we talk about the financial side of this industry.

Indoor air quality isn’t any different. There’s absolutely a cost to investing in an air purifier in Thousand Oaks, CA, but that cost should be weighed against the cost of not getting a system like this. Let us explain.

Getting sick more often, and experiencing foul odors throughout your home can be a net negative in a lot of ways. Your life might be uncomfortable and you might be inconvenienced by cleaning more, but these problems can also add up financially. Purchasing more tissues and cleaning supplies, going out to eat more, things like these are some of the expenses that come with forgoing this kind of important investment.

The Costs of Being Uncomfortable

Let’s first address the elephant in the room. What could possibly be the cost of not investing in an air purifier? After all, it’s not like your home needs this type of equipment in it, right? Well, we’d beg to differ. Here are some costs that can be associated with having dirty or uncomfortable air in your home.

  • Dealing with mold. Firstly, an air purifier is going to easily and simply eliminate mold spores from the air. Mold doesn’t just exist in one place, it permeates throughout your home by tossing mold spores into the air in hopes that they catch onto some material in a damp, dark environment. A UV air purifier stops this from happening right from the beginning and allows your home to get rid of mold at the source.
  • Going out of your home more. When your home is inundated with foul odors and contaminants, there can be a subconscious push for you and your family to eat out more or visit friends and family away from your home. We completely understand, nobody wants to stay home when their home is uncomfortable. An air purifier can make your home feel like the sanctuary it’s supposed to be.
  • Getting sicker more often. We are forced to buy a lot of cleaning products, tissues, and medicine when we get sick. Not to mention getting sick sucks and having a UV air purifier ensures this will happen less.
  • The other costs of feeling unsafe and uncomfortable. You might spend less time working, enjoying time with your family, and meeting friends or family when you’re doing more cleaning around the house. Those particles that a UV air purifier purifies will end up somewhere else in your home and they’ll either make your life uncomfortable or you’ll have to clean them up.

Investing in an Air Purifier Is Affordable and Simple

While some of these points might not seem like additional costs, they can quickly add up and make the investment of an air purifier seem like an easy and affordable solution. We urge all homeowners to weigh these points heavily and invest in an indoor air quality system if they think it could make their lives easier!

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