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Serving the Greater Los Angeles Area


Serving the Greater Los Angeles Area


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How Much Does AC Repair Really Cost?

One of the largest and most interesting reasons why homeowners stay away from professional AC repairs is because of the cost. People can get baffled by the increase in cost when a professional fixes your air conditioner as opposed to when an amateur or family friend offers to do it. At this point, it can almost feel like some companies are just charging more for no reason. Is this really what’s going on?

Well, it’s actually the opposite. As air conditioners have gotten more technologically complex in the past ten years and their efficiency levels have skyrocketed, they require much more high-tech equipment and training for solid repairs. If you’re on the market for AC repair in Thousand Oaks, CA, an amateur might offer cheaper prices because they’re using older, outdated tools or they might have never worked with such a high-tech system.

Here are a few good reasons to explain why AC repairs cost what they do.

The Price of a Professional

In order to understand the true price of professional AC repair and why it’s more expensive than amateur repairs, we need to talk about the service itself. Here are a few good reasons why you should only trust a professional to do work on your air conditioner.

The goal of this post is to help homeowners understand why professionals price their AC repairs the way they do. We’d like to slowly push homeowners from thinking that higher prices are a scam, and towards thinking about how much safer and more effective professional services are.

Licensing and Insurance

The first and major difference that you get with professional service is licensed technicians who are insured. Amateurs or family friends, unless they work for a company, are not insured or licensed which means you’re risking more by doing business with them.

  • Licensing ensures that your HVAC system’s warranty is not voided. In order to keep a warranty intact, it can only be serviced by a licensed professional.
  • Insurance helps when something goes wrong. If an amateur messes up a repair, you’ll be the one held liable for the additional costs.

High-Tech Equipment

Professionals have a company that can procure them the right tools and devices to provide accurate readings and make effective repairs. This means that you’ll rarely find a licensed professional that’s ill-equipped for the job.

An amateur or family friend might be using a set of outdated tools, or equipment that would’ve been fine for an air conditioner that was manufactured twenty years ago. You’ll get worse results and a less effective repair.

Training, Expertise, and a Proper Diagnosis

Our technicians go through rigorous training and have years of experience in the field so they can accurately diagnose your HVAC system and fix problems correctly. Many amateurs don’t meet those requirements and will misdiagnose things or have trouble locating the problem.

Partnerships with the Brand

Sometimes a professional technician will have a partnership with a specific brand of HVAC equipment. This means we can give you deals on technology, and we’ll also have insight into your HVAC system that other people might not be aware of.

All of these benefits of professional service have a cost, and that’s the difference you see when you compare the prices!

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