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Serving the Greater Los Angeles Area


Serving the Greater Los Angeles Area


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How an Air Purifier Removes Odors

Have you ever wondered why a hospital smells the way it does? Or have you been perplexed by the idea that a meadow outside can smell amazing, but a brand-new home that was just built can smell foul? What’s the difference and how does the odor of an area permeate?

Well, it’s actually a lot simpler than you might think, but in order for us to tackle such a topic, we need to go back to our high school biology class and start looking at our air and our bodies in a different light. UV air purifiers in Santa Monica, CA can eliminate contaminants in the air and purify a home so that the people inside don’t get sick. However, it does one additional thing–it eliminates odors.

Keep reading as we talk about how odors work, how our noses work, and how a UV air purifier can actually make your house smell better!

How Our Noses Pick Up Contaminants

A human’s nostrils are quite the biological powerhouse. Your nostrils are so sensitive that they can pick up specific particles in the air and identify how good or bad they might be for your body. When you smell something bad, chances are likely that this thing is not good for your body and it’s going to make you sick. When you smell a fresh roast chicken in the oven, or the scent of a just-baked apple pie, your nose gives your body the green light since those dishes are delicious.

However, it’s not as cut and dry as that. Sometimes you can detect odors that seem bad to your nose but are actually good. Vinegar can give off a weird odor, but it’s not a bad thing when used in cooking or cleaning. Nostrils also get used to certain odors when they’re smelled enough times, and this is what we call desensitization.

If you’ve got contaminants in your air and your nose has stopped picking them up, you might be the victim of desensitization and your guests or friends might be the biggest clue that something is wrong.

How a UV Air Purifier Works

All of the air that might get swept up in your nose also goes through an HVAC system. An air purifier uses UV light to eradicate any biological contaminants that might exist in that air (like mold spores and viruses) so that by the time the air reaches your nose, there’s nothing in it that might infect you.

This can be a big change for homes that have had problems with moisture, mold, mildew, or even a recent bacterial infection. Purifying your air will make it safer and cleaner.

Air Purifiers Eliminate Odors

Now we get to the final part of the blog–the elimination of odors. Since UV air purifiers eliminate biological contaminants from the air, they essentially remove the particles that would otherwise signal to your nose that something is wrong. This can stop you from becoming desensitized to all the strange odors in your home, and your house will finally be able to smell the way it’s supposed to for all of your friends, family, and house guests!

It’s time to call JMS Air Conditioning and Heating to invest in a UV air purifier today.

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