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Serving the Greater Los Angeles Area


Serving the Greater Los Angeles Area


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Humidity, Heating, and Your Health

What the heck does humidity have to do with the heat in your home? As long as it’s warm during the winter and cool during the summer, who cares!

Well, this is a simple approach and nothing in the HVAC world is that simple. Heating and humidity have a lot in common, and they work together to provide comfortable conditions in your home. Without a solid grasp on your home’s humidity, you could see higher heating bills or more uncomfortable temperatures.

Yes, you heard us right. You could be paying more for having lower humidity during the winter. You could be dealing with unwarranted dry skin and health issues that can easily be avoided with the right humidity system. Let’s see how we can describe humidity and heating in Beverly Hills, CA so that you can understand the bigger picture.

Heat and Humidity

Before we get into the reasons why investing in a humidifier could help with your heating system, we need to talk about how this is possible.

Water is very good at retaining heat, which is why many homes actually use heated water to keep warm. The dryer your home air is, the less likely it will be to retain the heat created by your heating system. That means your heater will work harder, use more energy, and ultimately get stressed trying to keep your house warm.

When there’s more humidity in your home, things stay warmer longer. This is just a fact of thermodynamics. By investing in a humidifier, your heater will have an easier time working to keep things warm. And likewise, if things are dryer in the summer, your air conditioner will have it easier when it’s trying to cool your home. Simple, right?

The Additional Benefits of Humidity

When you mix both heat and humidity in the winter, you get a whole slew of benefits that can help your home and your body.

  • Stay healthier. The mucus membranes in your nose require moisture in the air to function properly. Without proper humidity, they will dry up and allow more germs to enter your body as you breathe. This is a great reason to invest in humidity services.
  • Preserve your furniture. Wood furniture can crack and break under the dry conditions of winter. By making sure there’s enough humidity in your home, you can preserve your important furniture and family heirlooms.
  • Better skin and hair. It’s no surprise that people feel and look better in a humid home. There’s a reason why our skin requires moisturizer, and when there’s more moisture in your air, you will feel the effects on your hair, skin, and eyes.

Efficiency and Health

If you were to take one thing away from this blog post, it should be that your heating system and your humidifier work together. Without one of them, your home comfort system is incomplete and you’ll see some problems that can be pretty obnoxious to deal with.

Keep your heating bills low and your body feeling good by investing in both our heating and humidity services today!

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