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Serving the Greater Los Angeles Area


Serving the Greater Los Angeles Area


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3 Signs of Imminent Furnace Repair

Furnaces are complex pieces of machinery. When dealing with something as complicated as a furnace, you’re going to need to be one of two things: either a trained and certified HVAC technician or a vigilant homeowner who has done their research.

Without the training or a sharp ear, you might be confused when your heater suddenly breaks down in the wintertime and you had no idea it was struggling this whole time. That’s why we’re really keen on making sure that you’re up to speed on everything that could go wrong with your furnace and how you could notice the signs of upcoming problems.

In an ideal world, whenever your furnace is having trouble—you’ll know exactly when to call for furnace repair in Simi Valley, and a technician will be able to appropriately fix the problem in no time. So, how can you tell if your system is having trouble?

Signs of Discontent

A furnace that’s having trouble doesn’t always show overt signs of problems. We’d like to stress that it’s always a good idea to have a professional furnace specialist take a look at your system if you’re unhappy with it, regardless of whether or not it started showing signs of repair. Oftentimes there can be problems that haven’t yet become obvious to anyone other than the homeowner who isn’t receiving the heat they’re paying for. That being said, let’s get into what signs are easier for homeowners to notice.

Unpleasant Odors

When you start a furnace for the first time in a year, it might smell a little off from the dust it has to burn before it gets running comfortably again. However, the beginning of the winter has been over for a while now, and if you’re still encountering bad smells coming from your furnace—you might be dealing with a problem. Whether you’re picking up on a gas leak or an issue with excessive dust, you’re going to want to get this issue fixed as soon as possible.

Pilot light problems.

Your pilot light is integral to the function of your gas furnace. It’s also an easy place to tell if there are any problems with it. For instance, a pilot light that’s yellow or orange means its suffering from a lack of oxygen, which can signal a problem with your exhaust. Call a professional technician if you suspect there’s something wrong with your pilot light.

No Heat

This is a major one, particularly because the whole reason why your furnace exists in your home is to produce heat. No matter the temperature outside, if you feel that your home is chilly and your furnace just can’t quite do the job, you might be dealing with a repair issue. After all, what’s the point in paying for a furnace to consume fuel if it isn’t going to heat your home?

Any of these signs look familiar? If they do, don’t hesitate to contact a team of professional furnace specialists to take a look at your system.

Give your furnace the service it deserves. Contact JMS Air Conditioning and Heating today!

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