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Serving the Greater Los Angeles Area


Serving the Greater Los Angeles Area


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It’s Time to Take Your AC Out of Hibernation!

We might not have much of a winter here in LA, but we do get a few months of relief from the sun and heat that comes with our summer temperatures. Now that it’s officially halfway through march, it’s safe to say that temperatures are going to start getting up there and we need to be ready for them. So, get out those shorts, bathing suits, and sunscreen, but don’t forget to prepare your air conditioner!

Yep, there are some things that we’re going to talk about today that help your AC prepare for the hot temperatures ahead. Things like AC maintenance in Los Angeles can have a measurable impact on the performance of your air conditioner when summer temperatures finally reach us. There are a few other things you can do to help prepare for the summer, and all you need to do is keep reading to learn about them!

Get Your System Ready

So, let’s jump right into the things you need to do in order to be completely prepared for spring and summer weather. If you’d like, you can print out this list or write it down so it’s available for the whole family. This checklist will be perfect for a day of activities when you and your family want to get the AC ready for the next few months!

  • Take the cover off the unit. First things first, take the cover off your air conditioner. Whether you use a specially designed cover or just a tied-down tarp, your AC is going to need direct contact with the air around it.
  • Clean at least two feet of space around it. There’s been a lot of weather and things happening in the world while your air conditioner has been sleeping. It’s important to clean out at least two feet of space around your system. This includes moving pebbles, sticks, twigs, dirt, sand, and any critters that might have made a nest right next to your AC system. The clearer the space is right next to your AC, the more airflow the system will get!
  • Sign up for routine maintenance. Want to make sure your air conditioner has what it takes to cool your home effectively this summer? Then sign up for routine maintenance. Our technicians will be able to inspect, adjust, and improve your air conditioner while helping you save money on avoiding repairs down the line. This service can even improve the longevity of your system too, so you don’t end up requiring an early replacement!
  • Get repairs done ASAP. Was something wrong with your AC last year? Then make sure you get the problem fixed before the summer heat rolls along. Our schedule is usually wide open in springtime since temperatures aren’t hot enough to warrant emergency repair calls yet.
  • Invest in a new thermostat. Thermostats represent the brain of your HVAC system. When you invest in a new thermostat, that means you get better, more precise control over your comfort technology. Look into upgrading your old thermostat to a new smart or Wi-Fi-connected model!

Contact JMS Air Conditioning and Heating for more tips on how to prepare for the summer heat!

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