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Serving the Greater Los Angeles Area


Serving the Greater Los Angeles Area


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4 Signs You Have AC Repair Needs

Did you know that there are times when your air conditioner is experiencing problems and you don’t even realize it until the signs become obvious? We’re highlighting four key signs that can indicate your air conditioner is in need of a repair appointment. Some of the signs are obvious, but others are ones you really have to look for.

If you notice any of the signs below, give our team a call to schedule an air conditioning repair in Los Angeles. You can keep reading to learn more about four common signs that can indicate your air conditioner needs repairs. By paying attention to be signs, you can largely stay ahead of problems and prevent unexpected air conditioner breakdowns.

Unusual AC Noises

Any noises that are out of the ordinary coming from your air conditioner should be addressed. Noises such as knocking, grinding, or banging should be addressed promptly. Sometimes noises are concerning even if they are quiet. An example might include a persistent clicking or rattling sound that happens frequently.

Persistent clicking can mean that your unit is struggling to turn on for a cooling cycle while rattling can indicate loose parts inside the unit or ductwork. It’s easy to think that quieter sounds are not as serious, but they deserve just as much attention as the louder noises.

Bad Odors

You should never have any bad odors coming from your air conditioner. If you do, consider these as red flags that something is going wrong. A musty odor can indicate mold growth somewhere inside the unit, while a chemical odor can mean that you have a refrigerant leak. 

You also want to pay attention to burning smells that can mean you’re having electrical problems. If you’re unable to pinpoint where it is coming from, stand near air vents in your home and smell the air as it is blowing out. 

Remember, even if you’re unsure it is always a good idea to go ahead and schedule service and be safe. Maybe the problem turns out to be originating from somewhere else in your home, but at least you’ll know that your air conditioner is good to go while also being closer to identifying the source of the problem. 

Lack of Cooling

Your air conditioner should always blow out cold air when it is on for a cooling cycle. If you hold your hand up to a vent and feel air that is lukewarm or maybe only a little cool, something is probably wrong with your AC. 

Poor airflow can indicate a problem with the blower motor, but if airflow is fine and temperature is the problem, then your refrigerant lines are probably to blame. It’s possible that you have a leak reducing your air conditioner’s capacity to keep your home cool. In addition to repairing the refrigerant line, our team also needs to recharge your refrigerant levels so that they are adequate enough for cooling.

High Energy Bills

Your air conditioner is one of the largest pieces of equipment in your home consuming energy. Changes to energy use are easy to attribute to your air conditioner. If you see a sudden spike in energy use, it’s a good idea to get your air conditioner checked out for any potential problems. 

There may be something going wrong inside the unit, even without any obvious signs. Addressing the problem sooner rather than later can help you regain that energy efficiency and prevent any lasting damage to the unit. 

JMS Air Conditioning and Heating has your back. Call us today to schedule an appointment for air conditioning repair in Los Angeles, CA!

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