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Serving the Greater Los Angeles Area


Serving the Greater Los Angeles Area


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How an Air Purifier Eliminates Odors

Air purifiers are indoor air quality systems that are designed to tackle a set of particular contaminants. While a UV air purifier might not be able to eliminate dust or dirt from your air, it will absolutely be able to kill germs like viruses, bacteria, and mold spores. Combining an air purifier with an air filter can give your home a two-pronged approach towards combating contaminants and making your home a safe and clean environment.

That being said, we don’t have enough time in one blog post to talk about both of these systems so we’re going to have to focus on air purifiers in West Hollywood, CA. We’ll discuss a specific advantage that these systems provide which is their ability to eliminate foul odors from your home.

How does this work? And do you need an air purifier in your home to help deal with circulating odors that are making you uncomfortable and your friends and family unhappy? Keep reading to find out!

The Process of UV Light Purification

Ultraviolet light purifiers can disable germs through a simple procedure known as irradiation. We know, you’ve probably heard this term used in horror and sci-fi movies before a horrible monster appears—but bear with us, it’s not as bad as it sounds. UV light is extremely hazardous for single-celled organisms while being benign to humans and other multicellular animals. This is because the light’s radiation can easily penetrate the membrane.

Once inside the cell, UV light can enter the nucleus, destroy nucleic acids, and disrupt the DNA of the cell. In doing this, it inhibits the cell’s ability to do functions that are necessary for survival, like reproduction and consumption.

Basically, UV light renders a virus or cell of bacteria harmless and inhibits its ability to make you sick. It also does this in your air ducts, far away from you so that you’re kept safe and secure. Isn’t that cool?

Where Do Odors Come From?

The next part of our science lesson talks about foul odors. When your nose picks up on a bad smell, it’s actually encountering particles of something that is bad for your health. This is why so many people have such negative reactions to strong, foul smells. Your body is actually reacting to encountering microscopic particles in the air that are bad for it. The closer you get to the source of the odor, the stronger the smell is, and the more particles exist in the air. It’s pretty simple!

How the Air Purifier Eliminates Odors

If your nose is actually picking up particles of some foul substance, like mold or bacteria, then an air purifier can fix this problem for you. It can eliminate mold spores and bacteriophages as they cycle through your air ducts, meaning your nose isn’t going to pick up on these contaminants as much as it would otherwise.

Therefore, an air purifier is actually eliminating odors as much as it is keeping your home safe. You can say goodbye to all those candles you keep buying, the incense, and the heavy-duty spray fluid!

Ready to clean your air? Then call JMS Air Conditioning and Heating for an air purifier installation today!

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