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Serving the Greater Los Angeles Area


Serving the Greater Los Angeles Area


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Major Benefits from an AC Maintenance Plan

Purchasing a new air conditioner without a maintenance plan is a recipe for disaster. No matter how punctual you are with replacing the filters and paying attention to your AC’s needs, nothing can replace scheduled maintenance performed by a certified technician. Luckily for homeowners, AC contractors are begging for consumers to choose them for maintenance, which leads to some great deals out there for the average person in need of AC maintenance.

So, what are some things to look out for when it comes to an air conditioning maintenance plan? Obviously, not every maintenance plan is going to look the same, so it’s a good idea to go through the most important qualities of AC maintenance along with what we provide so you can choose the best AC maintenance in Los Angeles, CA. You don’t have to compromise on quality care for your cooling systems.

Why You Need a Maintenance Plan

First of all, if you’re even considering going without maintenance on your AC, let me fill you in on some knowledge from the industry. The time that your AC runs with any problems, (even the ones you can’t detect outright) could take a toll on its efficiency, raise your energy bills, and shorten its lifespan. Also, maintenance can clue you in on a problem that will be coming up in the future- and these problems are not predictable expenses. To avoid surprise expenses that can really break your budget, a maintenance plan can help you prepare.


All maintenance plans should contain a type of tune-up or check-up. This is the meat and potatoes of a maintenance visit since a thorough tune-up should clue you in on any abnormal issues with your cooling system. From a loose screw to a bad filter, a technician should give you a rundown of everything they see wrong with your air conditioner. From there, you’ll be able to plan out how you’d like to address that problem, preferably before the cooling season even begins!


Many maintenance plans offer discounts on repairs as well, since catching them early is often better for both the homeowner and the company performing the repairs. Nobody wants to be repairing an air conditioner on the hottest day of the year for a problem that could have been avoided months ago. That’s why contractors like us want you to have us look at the problem earlier via a maintenance plan. A maintenance plan saves both the homeowner and the technician plenty of headaches and heat strokes.


Many maintenance plans include reminder calls because let’s face it, nobody wants to think about an air conditioner any more than they have to. Your AC should be there to deliver you cool, refreshing air so that you can focus on other things in your life. It shouldn’t be your job to worry about your cooling system. On the contrary, that should be our job. So many maintenance plans like ours give courtesy calls just to keep you updated on your maintenance schedule.

Warranties, increased efficiency, discounts on new equipment and upgrades, maintenance plans can really pay for themselves if you take advantage of them. Make sure you check out our maintenance plan if it fits your system and your budget.

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