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Serving the Greater Los Angeles Area


Serving the Greater Los Angeles Area


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3 Sounds Your Air Conditioner Should Be Making

Not many things in this world work or operate silently. Even human beings, for as quiet as we can be, our stomachs, mouths, noses, and even hair make sounds as we move throughout our daily schedules. The trick to living a comfortable life is making sure your appliances aren’t disruptive in their noise pollution, so you can get quiet when you need it.

An air conditioner is one of those appliances that can make some loud and disconcerting noises. If your AC is making sounds that cause discomfort, we urge you to call our team for AC repair in Glendale, CA so that we can address the issue and get it fixed. Loud and uncomfortable noises are never a good sign and they always warrant the work of a pro.

Though, what kinds of noises are benign and common? That’s what this blog post is about today. Let’s discuss some noises that your AC should probably make when it runs.

A “Click” on Startup or Shutdown

Clicking might sound disconcerting, especially if it comes from an electrical device, but we urge you to consider it normal if it just happens once or twice. Your air conditioner clicks when it turns on and clicks again when it shuts down. This is the capacitor signaling to the rest of your system that it’s time to start or stop, and it does so with a simple click.

Now, if your system is clicking multiple times during a single cycle, then we’re confident in telling you that something is wrong. Or, if instead of clicking you hear buzzing, then you’re likely dealing with a malfunctioning electrical component that needs repairs.

Whooshing Air

Your air conditioner treats the air of your home, so it’s only natural that it sends that air through vents and into the space of your home. How else is your AC supposed to cool the air of your home if it can’t send the air through ductwork where you can finally feel it?

When your air conditioner turns on, it’s completely normal to hear two things.

  1. The gentle whoosh of air coming from the vents and into the room you’re in.
  2. The slight creaking of your air ducts as they expand and contract due to abrupt temperature changes.

If you hear any other sounds or sounds like these that are loud and uncomfortable, then we urge you to call us for help.

A Humming Compressor

The compressor is responsible for actually pressurizing the refrigerant, cycling it indoors and outdoors, and actually cooling the air in your home. There’s just no way for this component to run completely silently, so if you hear it make a slight hum as it runs, that’s completely normal.

Here’s a fun fact: a good reason why the outdoor cabinet is the one that contains your system’s compressor is due to the fact that it makes noises while it runs. Since you’ll be indoors relishing the air conditioning, you probably won’t be able to hear the muffled sound of your system’s compressor. But don’t be alarmed if you do hear it.

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