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Serving the Greater Los Angeles Area


Serving the Greater Los Angeles Area


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The Difference Between an Air Filtration System and an Air Purifier

Contrary to what many homeowners in our area might believe, air filters and air purifiers don’t do the same thing. While they might both contribute equally to helping the indoor air quality of your home, they don’t do it in the exact same way.

While we’d like to get to the bottom of what they do exactly for curiosity’s sake, we also want to do it so many homeowners out there know what type of system they should invest in. If you’ve been having trouble with the air quality in your home, don’t just point at a catalog of indoor air quality solutions and take a guess—it’s time to make an informed decision on how you can best deal with air contaminants.

Whether you could use some help with your IAQ or not, join us for a ride through the science behind cleaning your indoor air!

Air Filters

If you’re looking to clean your air, air filters are the system to go with. Air filters, also known as air cleaners, can be especially important in buildings or homes with forced-air heating systems.

Forced-air heaters like furnaces can continuously cycle contaminants, dust, and debris through your home without a sufficient air filtration system. While your furnace might have an air filter embedded inside of it, contrary to popular belief, these air filters are not for improving your indoor air quality. You’ll need an actual air filtration system to do that.

If you’re constantly dealing with dust, debris, and other contaminants that are causing you respiratory problems, fits of coughing, or a dry throat, you might be dealing with substandard air quality due to particulates in your air. An air filtration system can use incredibly fine filters to catch the larger particles and allow only the clean air to pass into your home.

Air Purifiers

What about germs and viruses? Some microscopic bad guys are too small to filter through any manmade device. Does that mean we’re doomed to breathing in substandard air? Absolutely not! That’s where air purifiers come in.

Usually in the form of a UV germicidal light purifier, and sometimes seen in other forms like ionic air purifiers or electrostatic systems, air purifiers are adept at killing bacteria and viruses as they exist in your indoor air. They can be mounted in your air ducts, out of sight and out of mind, as well as existing elsewhere to make sure that you’ve got total cleanliness in your home. These systems can eradicate any germs and viruses that flow through your ductwork since ultraviolet light or particular ions can neutralize microorganisms but remain harmless to human beings and the air we breathe.

If you’ve got a sensitive immune system, autoimmune disorder, some extreme allergies, or you’d just like to avoid breathing in unhealthy contaminants, it’s time to invest in an air purifier.

An Easier Decision

Well, there you have it! It’s time to get cracking on your indoor air quality needs. Don’t settle for poor air quality, give an air filter or air purifier a try and let us know what you think!

For any additional questions about indoor air quality, contact our team at JMS Air Conditioning and Heating today!

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