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Serving the Greater Los Angeles Area


Serving the Greater Los Angeles Area


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3 Contaminants You Haven’t Heard About

Contaminants are everywhere these days. It’s so important that we nip them in the bud wherever possible, because we never really know what’s in our air. From bacteria, to viruses, and even mold spores and more, our air is inundated with things that our body is constantly fighting against.

However, most homeowners already know about those biological contaminants, but what about other types of problems? If you’ve ever done an online search about the possible contaminants in your air, you’ve probably been overwhelmed by a long list of possibilities. While many contaminants are less likely to appear in your home than others, depending on certain factors, there are some important ones that you might want protection from.

Don’t worry, an air purifier in Glendale, CA as well as an air filtration system can deal with this problem head-on so that you can live a safe and secure life going forward.

1. Volatile Organic Compounds

Volatile organic compounds, or VOCs for short, are basically chemicals that have a high vapor pressure when existing at room temperature. These types of chemicals will never really condense and are considered “volatile” because of how they’ll stick in your air and cause problems over a long period of time.

VOCs can include things like spray paint, refrigerant, and different types of pharmaceuticals. The one thing in common with all of these is that they should not be in your indoor air or constantly breathed in by you or your family members.

Depending on the size of the particle, an air purifier or air filtration system will be able to help you, but a good rule of thumb to avoid this kind of contamination is by using your pharmaceuticals and spray paints outside so that they have a chance to dry and disperse instead of lingering in your air.

2. Smoke

Smoke comes in a variety of different forms. From secondhand cigarette smoke, to cooking smoke, to even smoke produced by a faulty electrical system, your home is probably inundated with a lot of this material. Smoke is basically carbon, burnt materials that have been incinerated and are now microscopic pieces of carbon floating through your air.

While a small amount of smoke isn’t terrible to inhale, (like the amount you’d breathe sitting around a campfire in the woods), inhaling this kind of smoke over a long period of time can be incredibly harmful. This is especially true when it comes to cigarette smoke since that type of smoke contains other contaminants as well.

3. Pollen, Pest Dander, and Droppings

According to the EPA, droppings and body parts from cockroaches and other insects can be a huge source of indoor air pollution. Likewise, pollen and dander from pets or pests can be a huge factor in making asthma symptoms worse and decreasing a family’s quality of life.

The good news is that all of these are considered biological contaminants, which can usually be dealt with by an air purifier. Air purifiers sterilize the air, effectively eliminating the harmful parts of these contaminants so that you’re not breathing in anything toxic. You might still need to clean those long-lost corners of your home, but at least you’re not in danger breathing your own indoor air!

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