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Serving the Greater Los Angeles Area


Serving the Greater Los Angeles Area


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A New Thermostat Can Go a Long Way!

You feel pretty confident after getting your heating system or air conditioner replaced a few years ago, that you’ve bought yourself some time before you need to make a big purchase for your home comfort. Congratulations! That’s got to be a great feeling, and we commend you for being so proactive towards home comfort. The majority of homeowners don’t think like that, and we need to give credit where it’s due!

However, there’s one more thing to consider aside from your heating in Glendale, CA. We’re talking about the control of your heating. The thermostat system in your home is what you use to communicate with your heater.

As you look at your old analog thermostat that’s lied dusty and quiet for 40 or 50 years, we want you to start thinking about the technological advancements we’ve made since then. Getting a new thermostat could be a huge improvement for your home, and here’s why.

Improve Your Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is one of the most important factors of home comfort. You probably know this as it was a huge piece of information you weighed when you chose a new heater or air conditioner recently. The more energy efficient the system was, the more money you would save as a result.

The truth is that modern-day thermostats save energy for a variety of different reasons. The more proactive and communicative your thermostat technology is, the more precise control you’ll have over temperatures in your house and the better efficiency levels you’ll receive.

Smart Thermostats Learn Your Comfort Patterns

First of all, smart thermostats can learn your comfort patterns and adjust your heating system accordingly. Temperatures don’t need to be so warm while you’re asleep, so they can lower the temperature at night and save you a few dollars on monthly your heating bill as a result.

Also, by learning your comfort patterns and the cycles of when you get home or when you’re leaving, it can adjust the heating cycles so that it’s not working so hard when you’re not around to feel comfortable temperatures. Even if you have pets that require heat, they can be set up in a way to minimize energy or fuel consumption, especially when you’re not home.

You Can Receive Reports on Your Energy Efficiency

This perk is great because it leaves you in control. Smart thermostats can generate efficiency reports that show you just how much energy or fuel you’re consuming to stay comfortable.

This is an important step because knowing just how much you’re using throughout the day can help you figure out ways to adjust your schedule and reduce your energy consumption tremendously. These systems leave you in charge and give you the tools to change things!

Make Your Home More Convenient

Smart thermostats also come in detachable or Wi-Fi-connected models, which means you can use your smartphone to change the temperature in your house.

This adds a whole new layer of convenience to your home comfort. You can adjust the temperature while you’re at work, on vacation, or even from your bed on a lazy Sunday afternoon!

JMS Air Conditioning and Heating can get you set up with a new thermostat.

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