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Serving the Greater Los Angeles Area


Serving the Greater Los Angeles Area


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Remember to Replace Your Air Filter!


Air filters are important components of your air conditioner. Homeowners like to think of it as a luxurious bonus to having an AC system, but that’s far from the truth. Believe it or not, the air filter in your AC isn’t meant to clean the air for you. It’s mean to protect the air conditioner’s more sensitive components from being dirtied up by contaminants in the air.

If you’re one of those homeowners that likes to stay on top of things, then get ready to add your air filter to that list. Air filters need to be changed regularly, and when they’re not—you start to run into some serious problems. If you’d like to avoid seeing just how bad AC repair in Pasadena, CA can get, then we advise you to replace your air filter.

If you keep reading, we’ll talk about why these filters are so important for your air conditioner. We’ll discuss what they do, how they’re vital to the cooling process, and why changing them is the best thing you can do.

What Does an Air Filter Do?

The air filter in your air conditioner is responsible for keeping contaminants like dust and debris out of the interior of your AC. These types of contaminants can be harmful to the coils of the system since they rely on direct contact with the air and moisture. When dirt gets drawn in through the return air duct, it can stick to the coil. This type of damage can be irreparable and often leads to an early need for replacement as the system slowly loses its ability to cool your home.

Luckily, your air filter is a stable solution to that problem! Air filters block dirt, dust, and other debris from entering those sensitive areas of your AC. This also has the wonderful byproduct of keeping your air a little bit cleaner and easier to breathe as well! Think about it—there’s literally no reason not to change your air filter!

Don’t Neglect Your Air Filter

There are various different problems that can begin to occur when you don’t replace your air filter every few months. Let’s take a look at some of them:

  • More energy consumption. An air conditioner that has a clogged filter will need to consume more energy and work harder just to provide the average amount of cooling.
  • Increased stress on the system. Certain components of the system will be stifled from the lack of air that comes from a clogged air filter.
  • Shorter lifespan. An air filter is supposed to keep dust, dirt, and debris from harming the interior components of the air conditioner. If the air filter is clogged, it won’t do a very good job of this. Your compressor could be in danger of being damaged.

Make sure you don’t neglect your air filter. This small part of your air conditioner is responsible for keeping it in good shape. Don’t worry, it’s something we actively encourage every homeowner to do for their system. If you have trouble locating the air filter or don’t know exactly how to change it—make sure you consult your system’s manual and give our team a call!

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