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Porter Ranch Heating Repair, Installation & Replacement Services

There’s no reason to suffer with a broken furnace if you don’t have to. Call (818) 423-4494 today for professional Porter Ranch heating repair, installation and replacement services. We will send a qualified technician to assess the situation and find a solution. Start saving today with our exclusive coupons and discounts today!

There’s not much that can overcome a bad customer service experience. Even if the technical service was better than average, the customer will still consider it a negative experience overall. If a technician strolls into your home like he owns the place and leaves a big mess behind when he’s finished, you’re not going to feel good about it, even if the furnace was repaired properly. We take customer service seriously, and it shows.

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Signs Your Heating System Needs Repairs

If there is one thing that’s a must-have when it comes to your heating system, it is reliability. If you can’t count on your furnace to produce heat when you need it, something has to be done. Naturally, not having any heat at all is the biggest sign that you need repairs, but there are other, more subtle signs. If your furnace seems to struggle to reach the temperature you’ve set on the thermostat, you probably need repairs.
If it starts running rough, making loud clanking and banging sounds instead of a steady hum, there’s a good chance you need a repair. The same is true if you notice strange odors coming from the furnace. If the pilot light looks yellow or you can see soot around the furnace, you might have a more serious carbon monoxide issue. Whatever it is, don’t waste time calling for a technician when you notice something is not normal about the furnace.

Is It Time to Have Your Heating System Replaced?

When the technician arrives to check out your heating system, he might determine that it’s time for a replacement instead of just a repair. If there are safety issues can can’t be rectified, or if the repair bills don’t justify keeping the old one, a new furnace will be recommended by your heating specialist. At the right time, a new furnace is a good investment because it raises the value of your home and it will help you save on your heating bills.

Reputable Heating Services in Porter Ranch, CA:

• Furnace Installation & Replacement
• Furnace Repair & Maintenance
• Boiler Repair
• Geothermal Heating
• Heat Pump Services
• Radiant Heating
• Heater Repair & Maintenance
• Heater Installation & Replacement

Take control of your Porter Ranch, CA home’s heating problems by calling JMS Air Conditioning and Heating today at (818) 423-4494. We will schedule an appointment to come out and find the source of the issue, then provide you with a long-term solution.

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