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Have you been looking for reputable and reliable Northridge heating repair, installation and replacement service? Call (818) 423-4494 today and we will schedule an appointment for a heating specialist to give you the results you need. If you want access to valuable money-saving coupons, click here.

Having access to a local heating and cooling expert whenever you need them is a priceless commodity for most homeowners. Local service providers create relationships with their customers that can last for decades, and it works to strengthen the overall bond in the community. We take pride in being part of the community we serve, and we love seeing those smiling faces around town after a job well done.

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Subtle Signs of a Broken Furnace

Sometimes, when your furnace is broken it will just sputter to a halt and stop working all at once. This doesn’t always happen though, in fact, you’ll probably see signs that there’s something wrong long before it actually breaks down. Some of the more subtle signs of a broken furnace include noisier operation, unpleasant odors around the main unit, taking longer to reach the temperature that’s been programmed in the thermostat and higher heating bills. If you see these signs, it makes sense to contact your local heating specialist to take care of it before it does break down completely. If you wait too long, the damage may be irreparable and require a full replacement.

Longer Furnace Life with Regular Maintenance

It’s no secret that maintaining your furnace with routine maintenance check-ups will keep it running more efficiently and enable you to squeeze a few more years out of it before it needs to be replaced. When you have furnace maintenance, the entire system is cleaned out from last year’s usage. Clogged and dirty systems tend to affect the efficiency of the furnace, so when it is cleaned each year, it will run more efficiently during the heavy usage periods, which lowers your heating bills. Routine maintenance always allows the technician to find small issues and replace parts that may have resulted in costly repairs when the furnace was in use.

Extra Heating Services in Northridge, CA:

• Geothermal Heating
• Furnace Repair & Maintenance
• Boiler Repair
• Heat Pump Services
• Radiant Heating
• Heater Repair & Maintenance
• Heater Installation & Replacement
• Furnace Installation & Replacement

Your furnace is an integral part of your Northridge, CA home’s indoor comfort, so don’t take it for granted. If you notice an issue with its performance, call JMS Air Conditioning and Heating at (818) 423-4494 today and let us provide you with a solution.

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