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When your AC system is properly maintained, it will run smoothly for years without causing you any trouble. This fact isn’t lost on us, which is why we offer a tune up special that’s designed to restore your system back to its original factory condition. Our technical skills with an air conditioning system are only surpassed by our level of customer service.

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Basic Air Handler Operation

The air handler consists of many different elements that all have to work together in unison to get the job done, and that job is circulating cooled air into the various rooms of your home when it produced by your AC system. The air handler resembles a normal metal box, but inside it has components like fans, a blower motor, dampers, filters and sound attenuators. Air handlers connect directly to the ductwork in your home, so any issues with the air ducts can also affect the air handler’s performance.

The Value of a Good AC Filter

Many homeowners neglect to change their AC filter at the recommended intervals of six months to a year. It’s easy to get caught up in everyday life and lose track of time, but changing the filter is important to keeping your indoor air clean and your AC running efficiently. If you have pets or smokers in the house, you may want to check the filter more often than every six months. Whenever it is dirty, replace the filter and start again.

Get Your System Professionally Installed

Although not too many homeowners are willing to try the DIY approach when it comes to AC installation, there are some that try to save money by doing it themselves. If you’ve considered giving it a try, keep in mind that an air conditioning system is quite complex and consists of many different parts that all have to work together to produce the results you need. You may void your warranty by doing it yourself and you’ll probably have to call for professional help in the end, anyway.

Expert Air Conditioning Services in Northridge, CA

• AC Installation & Replacement
• AC Repair & Maintenance
• Air Handler Services
• Evaporator Coil Services
• Ductless Mini Split AC Systems
• AC Filter Replacements

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