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Having air conditioning problems? Pick up the phone and call (818) 423-4494 today for reliable Granada Hills AC repair, installation and replacement services. You shouldn’t have to go without air conditioning during the sweltering heat of summer. Give us a call and we will send someone over right away. Find valuable money-saving discounts and coupons when you click here.

A broken air conditioner in the middle of a Los Angeles summer is a distressing thought, but having nowhere to turn for help is even worse. When you align yourself with a local service provider that has a history of exemplary AC service and top-notch customer service, that broken AC doesn’t seem nearly as intimidating. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and when combined with our track record, there’s really no other choice.

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Why Do I Need an Air Handler?

Most people don’t know what an air handler does, but it is a critical part of your air conditioning system. It helps control the circulation of cooled air throughout the house by housing circulation fans, blower motors, dampers, filters and sound attenuators. Without an air handler, your AC wouldn’t be able to get that wonderfully cooled air to the various rooms of your house, and you’d be horribly uncomfortable.

New AC Filters Improve Air Quality

Changing your air conditioner’s filter when it gets dirty will help the system run more efficiently and keep energy costs down, but it can also improve your indoor air quality. When the filter is clogged, some of that dirt and dust will inevitably find its way into the air ducts and your living space, but a clean filter will only blow clean air through the house.

DIY Installation May Be Dangerous

There are several reasons you should always insist on handing over AC installation duties to professionals, but one that isn’t mentioned very often is safety. The DIY approach can result in improper installation, reduced efficiency, need for correction and repair and higher energy bills, but you may also injure yourself when dealing with the many different components of a standard AC system. When it comes to installing your AC, going with pros just makes sense.

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