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heat pump services

There are several different ways to provide heat to your home, and one of the more efficient methods is with a heat pump. If you’ve been having issues with your current system, or you’re just looking for something new, a heat pump installation may be the ideal choice.

The Heat Pump Process

A heat pump works by transferring heat energy from one place to another. Like a central AC system, a heat pump replaces warm air with cooler air, or cool air with warmer air depending on what’s needed at the time. Unlike the central AC system, a heat pump doesn’t require energy to operate a condensing unit or heat transfer unit. It uses the air outside or ground temperatures to modify the temperature inside.

Benefits of Having a Heat Pump in Your Home

There are two types of heat pump, which are air-source and ground-source, and both have benefits over traditional methods. There are fewer moving parts to a heat pump system, meaning less maintenance and lower repair costs as time goes by. Since it doesn’t use energy from electricity, propane or natural gas, you can also expect savings on your heating and cooling bills. To many, a heat pump seems like a more natural option, which gives eco-friendly homeowners peace of mind as they can heat or cool their homes without the same kind of energy drain.

What to Look for in a Service Provider

When it comes time to have your new heat pump installed, or if you already have one and it needs some attention, make sure you only use a qualified, professional service provider. These systems are easier to use, but they are still complex systems of wires, motors, pumps, coils, ducts and pipes. Look for a service provider that has specific experience installing and servicing heat pumps. If you can find a Los Angeles, CA company, that’s even better because you know they provide service in the same community you live in, which increases the level of trust and accountability.

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