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Air Duct Cleaning Repair Services Los Angeles, CA

The air ducts in your home or business are like highways that transport the heated or cooled air throughout the building to each and every room. Over time, air ducts collect dirt, dust and other substances that can alter the air quality. Keeping the air ducts clean and in good working condition is crucial for continued air quality.

Important Reasons for Cleaning Your Air Ducts

When your air ducts get dirty, any dust, dirt and allergens siting inside the ducts will be circulated through your house whenever the heater or AC comes on. In some cases, mold can even grow inside the ducts, making the allergy and irritation situation even worse. If you are moving into a new home or haven’t had your ducts cleaned for some time, consider scheduling a professional cleaning, especially if anyone in the house is having respiratory problems or frequent allergic reactions. Many people visit their doctor for unnecessary medications when all they needed was a good duct cleaning.

What Is a Good Maintenance Schedule?

If you have a fireplace or a heating system that uses wood fuel, you should consider having your ducts cleaned at least on an annual basis. If you have pets, you may want to have them cleaned even more frequently. Pet dander is a major irritant in many households. Just explain your specific situation to your duct cleaning professional and he can create a cleaning schedule for you based on your individual needs.

Why Would I Need Air Duct Repair Service?

Along with regular cleaning, many households require air duct repair at different times. If the ducts were installed poorly, the layout wasn’t efficient or the ducts are leaking, a professional correction will get them working efficiently once again. In the case of a leak, the air that is supposed to be going into individual rooms can escape the ductwork and end up in your attic or basement instead. This will cause your heater or air conditioner to work harder, increasing your energy bills.

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