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Los Angeles Air Conditioning Repair & AC Maintenance

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Air Conditioning Repair Maintenance Los Angeles, CA

Although those warm, humid nights may be great for cruising in a convertible or sitting by the ocean, they aren’t any fun if you’re trying to sleep in a house with broken air conditioner. The heat has a way of becoming trapped inside during the day, and a simple window fan isn’t going to help. If your AC breaks down when you need it the most, you need it repaired as quickly as possible.

Common Household AC Problems

Your air conditioning system may encounter a host of different issues as it works to keep your home cool and comfortable. Some of the more common ones include:

  • Refrigerant leaks
  • Frozen or damaged evaporator coils
  • Problems with the thermostat
  • Blown motor
  • Clogged filter

Some of these issues are relatively minor and some are more serious, but they all need quick repairs if you want your AC to continue working effectively.

Routine Maintenance Keeps Your AC Running Smoothly

Having an efficient air conditioning system means it isn’t expending too much energy to create the cooling effect you want throughout the house. When any one part becomes damaged or isn’t doing its job, the others have to work that much harder and the efficiency of the entire system will be compromised. If you have routine maintenance performed on your AC system annually, you can avoid many of the problems that require costly repairs. During AC maintenance, our Los Angeles, CA technician will clean all the various components, change the filter and fix minor issues before they become major issues.

What’s the Benefit of Professional AC Repair?

The main benefit of professional AC repair is that you can get back to living your comfortable life as soon as possible. Outsourcing complex tasks to experts is always the wise choice, and that is especially true with something like air conditioning. Having a reputable Los Angeles, CA professional repair your air conditioning system is safer and there’s a much greater likelihood that the repair will be done correctly.

There’s no need to struggle in the heat with a broken air conditioner. If your AC isn’t working the way it should, call JMS Air Conditioning and Heating at (818) 501-6750 in Los Angeles, CA and the surrounding area for fast, expert service you can count on.