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Duct System Installation Repair Los Angeles, CA

You may feel the vents in each room of your house to determine if warm or cool air is flowing like it should, but beyond those vent covers is your duct system. This highway of ductwork helps dictate how well the air is circulated and distributed, how clean it is and how hard your furnace or AC has to work to get it there.

Timely Air Duct Cleaning Is Crucial

One way to keep your duct system working to full capacity without issue is to have duct cleaning performed when it’s needed. If there is dust, dirt and other allergens inside your air ducts, those materials will find their way out into the air if they aren’t cleaned away. If you have pets, dander and hair also becomes an issue.

Most Los Angeles homes can go up to a couple years between air duct cleanings and be fine, but if yours haven’t been cleaned for a number of years, schedule a cleaning as soon as possible. The technician will come out and inspect the entire system thoroughly, so you can feel confident it’s working well and you aren’t polluting your own home unnecessarily.

Why Would I Need Air Duct Repair?

Sometimes, ductwork requires repair because it wasn’t installed correctly in the beginning. Proper installation by experienced professionals is a key factor in avoiding costly repairs down the road. If the layout and design of the ductwork isn’t practical, or it is the wrong size for the home, you’ll be losing money because your furnace and AC will not be as efficient as possible.

Duct systems can also encounter leaks at various points, meaning you are losing air to areas it isn’t supposed to go. If the thermostat in your living room is set to a specific temperature and air is escaping into the basement or attic through leaks in the ductwork, the furnace or AC will have to work that much harder to reach the temperature you want.

If your air duct system isn’t working efficiently, take the appropriate action and call for professional help. Your air ducts are the highways that circulate both hot and cool air throughout your home, so make sure they are always working the way they should. Call JMS Air Conditioning and Heating at (818) 501-6750 in Los Angeles, CA and the surrounding area for service to get the process started.