What Happens To Your HVAC if You Don’t Change Your Air Filter

What Happens To Your HVAC if You Don’t Change Your Air Filter

It's easy to forget about the filter in your HVAC system. You can forget how often it needs to be changed, or you can forget to pick a new filter up at the store. But don't be fooled into thinking that it's not expensive to forget to change your filter. There are all sorts of hidden costs that are lurking until the true cost of forgetting can no longer be ignored. In fact, there are three main ways that failing to change your HVAC filter can have ramifications.

Energy Costs

Dirty filters cause the air to stop flowing through the ductwork. Instead, it sits next to the coils that heat or cool the air. And by the time it reaches the area you're trying to cool or heat, the temperature of the air has changed. Essentially, you are heating or cooling the same air for longer periods of time but not enjoying the benefits.

Repair Costs

When your filters are clogged, this can actually cause damage to existing mechanical equipment. Dust can settle on fan blades, coils, and other components. This can cause the potential for damage to the equipment if something becomes so clogged that it causes a piece of machinery to break. And you also need to remember that the more you run your HVAC system, the more wear and tear it will receive. And the more wear it receives, the more likely it will break sooner. Since extra dust can stop airflow, making it take longer for rooms to cool or warm up, you'll have to run your HVAC system for longer periods of time.

Poor Air Quality

You'll definitely notice the difference in the air quality if you have allergies. Since a clogged filter can no longer filter out the dust and other allergens, you'll have more difficulty breathing. This can translate into higher health care bills. When you change your air filter, you'll notice the benefits within a couple of days.

Don't ignore or forget to change your air filter. When you change it, you'll appreciate the savings to your wallet and your health.


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