Why It May Be Time To Install a New HVAC System

Why It May Be Time To Install a New HVAC System

The heat of summer stresses homeowners in Los Angeles with older HVAC units. Many times, at JMS Air Conditioning and Heating, we get calls from frantic people because their system is not working as it should. It’s either because it’s not keeping up with the demand of the home or it's experiencing a mechanical interruption. A typical scenario we run into this time of year is low refrigerant, broken compressors, and other electrical problems. One question we always hear is whether the homeowner should repair or replace the air conditioner. Each of our well-trained technicians can give you a cost analysis that shows the best way to remedy your situation.

Preventative Maintenance Can Extend the Life of Your Unit

Did you know that the average unit lasts around 10-15 years? If your HVAC system has been working for more than a decade, then you may be on borrowed time. Before we can give a proper analysis, we always check to make sure the unit has been maintained. Preventative maintenance will typically allow AC or heating units to last much longer than one that has been neglected. Maintenance is important. Imagine what your car’s engine would be like if you never changed the oil? Think of the HVAC unit in the same way.

Are Your Repair Costs Excessive?

Lastly, it’s important to note whether the air conditioner is continuously breaking down or it’s running well. For instance, compressor failure is considered system death. It’s almost always better to replace the entire unit rather than just the compressor. Is this the second or third time the unit has failed this year? All these repairs can add up and be costly. You could put all that money towards a new HVAC. Lastly, we encourage you to look at the SEER rating of a new unit and project what kind of money it costs you to operate your current system. If your home cooling system is older than 10 years, you are not getting near the energy efficiency that you would with a new one. In the long run, it can save you money to replace it.

Getting Help When You Need It!

Living in Los Angeles is fantastic, but without air conditioning, things can get quite uncomfortable. Thankfully, you can rely on our company to help with new installs and current repairs. Before you continue putting money in a unit that is on its last leg, let one of our technicians give you a repair versus replacement estimate. Summer, spring, winter or fall, JMS Air Conditioning and Heating is here to help you through them all.


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